Terms and conditions of use of Psychora

The following terms and conditions of use of the service are a legal agreement between user and Psychora. The use of the content and services provided on the site, as well as of all the information stored on it, can only occur as a result of an implicit acceptance of the above mentioned terms.

Psychora reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of use at any time, without the need to alert the user. By accessing the website the user declares that they have read, understood and agreed to be bound in the use of services, contents and information from the terms of use in their current version, as amended. Therefore the user is encouraged to regularly consult this section. In case of discrepancies between previous terms and additional terms, the additional terms shall prevail. If the user does not want to accept the terms and conditions that constrain the use of the service offered, he/she is invited not to access Psychora.

1. Permitted
Uses and Restrictions Psychora provides the user a license to access and use of the site content, which is nonexclusive, nontransferable, limited and strictly bound by these terms and conditions. Failure to comply with the following terms by the user will result in immediate termination of this license. Psychora reserves the right to terminate the license granted to the user at any time and for any reason, with or without notice. In case of license revocation the user has the immediate duty to delete all copies of the content downloaded from the site that are in his possession. The services offered within the site are the exclusive user's personal use, and there is not allowed any illegal or commercial use thereof. By accessing the services, the user can not and shall not:
  • use the site to disseminate fraudulent, illegal or false information;
  • interfere with the use by third parties of the site and / or its content;
  • attempt unauthorized access to any service, server, account, system or network used by the site;
  • collect the email addresses present on this site for purposes of promotional disclosure and marketing campaigns;
  • upload, post or in any way transmit on the site any content that he/she is not allowed to transmit for legal and / or contractual reasons;
  • transmit any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of computers, software, hardware or other telecommunications equipment;
  • creating any by-product of the site and / or of its content (decoding and similar);
  • use of network monitoring systems or any type of software with the purpose of extracting information about the architecture of the site, its use, its users;
  • monitor and / or copy the site or its content without prior written consent of Psychora.
Any unauthorized use of the site and its content is forbidden and will result in immediate revocation of the user's license and implementation of legal measures. The information and services available on the site do not have value of psychological counseling, and should not be used as such. No relationship between psychologist / psychotherapist / psychoanalyst and user is formalized through the use of services. The user agrees to use the website, its services and its content at his/her own risk, and declares to be aware that Psychora assumes no legal responsibility in this respect.

2. Links to third party sites and to this website
Psychora may provide links to websites and / or resources of third parties. Any responsibility with regard to content, advertising, products, services or other materials on these sites, is however declined. Any reference to actual names, trademarks, products or services of third parties or links to third party sites on the site are provided solely as deemed useful for users, and does not represent or imply affiliation and / or sponsorship to/of such third parties. Psychora is not responsible for possible damages caused by or in connection with the use of content, services or products made available through these sites. Psychora reserves the right to disable links provided by users, whenever deemed necessary. You can put a link to the Psychora site on sites belonging to third parties. In this case, the user agrees to use the mark solely in order to provide a textual link from these sites to the home page of public access of the site. You must not include any link to third-party sites on third party sites to other pages outside the homepage. The user cannot and should not provide links to Psychora on any site containing inappropriate, defamatory, illegal materials or topics, or that with their content violate civil rights, privacy and / or intellectual property. The user may not make use of any trademark, logo or name of the site without the prior written permission of Psychora.

3. Advertising
The user is not authorized to carry out within the interactive space, and in no other section of the site, actions for commercial or lucrative purpose, he may not distribute on or through the site any publishing containing advertising, promotions, request for purchase of goods, services or for collection of funds. The user may not recommend in its publications third-party sites in which he has a financial interest, or from the products or services of which he receives direct or indirect benefits. The site may contain advertising and sponsorship. Psychora disclaims any liability for any kind of error or inaccuracy contained in the materials provided by sponsors and advertisers on the site, as well as for any action of theirs. Sponsors and advertisers are responsible to ensure accuracy and compliance with the law of the materials they provide.

4. Registration and account information
To gain access to the services provided by the website is necessary that you provide to Psychora some information that is accurate and truthful. The user has the responsibility to update their personal information whenever there is a change in this information. Psychora reserves the right to deny the creation of a new account in case it was not possible to verify the authenticity of the information provided at registration. The user undertakes to issue the necessary documents that enable Psychora to acknowledge his/her identity. Access to services is provided through a unique username (and password attached). The user has the responsibility to maintain the confidentiality of his/her access information and not to share it with third parties. The user also implicitly declares the he/she is aware that he/she is responsible for any activity carried out by using his/her username and password. Each account can be used by a single user. The user can only have one account and cannot access services from more than one device at a time. It also guarantees the log out at the end of each session of use of services. Psychora is not liable to the user or to any third party for any inconvenience, loss or damage occurring in the event of non-compliance with the above conditions. Any unauthorized use (known or suspected) of the personal data and services in general, as well as any violation (known or suspected) of the security of your account, should be immediately reported to Psychora on the support page. Psychora reserves the right to review and monitor the use of the services, in order to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of use, and in order to maintain and improve the level of services offered. It also reserves the right to use the information published or obtained by the user in the event of legal proceedings, or in any situation in which the law requires it. The password for this must be composed of at least eight characters and should be changed at least every six months. It is suggested to create the password respecting the following criteria:
  • There cannot be chosen those words or numbers that contain references easily referable to the person, such as their names, or of their family members, birthday dates, anniversary dates, places of birth or residence. It is recommended also to avoid choosing those words already existing in the dictionary because there are systems that will easily allow you to try and find these words in a short time.
  • There should be used alphanumeric passwords or with punctuation marks. The users are identified through unique identifiers (USER ID). The password is chosen by the user, it is known only to him and is easily replaceable by the user himself in the event that it is discovered by a third party or violated. The strength of a password is the most important mechanism in a system of protection.
  • Therefore, the user, when selecting a password, must meet all the requirements listed below:
    • be formed of at least 8 characters;
    • contain a numeric digit;
    • contain a letter in the first and the last position;
    • contain a maximum of 3 consecutive characters identical to the previous password;
    • contain a maximum of 2 consecutive identical characters;
    • does not contain the USERID as part of the password;
    • be replaced at least every 3 months (The Regulations provide the term of three months for sensitive data, and six months for common data);
    • not to be re-used before 6 iterations

5. Termination
Psychora may terminate, at its discretion, the user’s license to access services, if the user gives Psychora reason to believe that his conduct is illegal, abusive, or not in accordance with these terms and conditions of use, or for any other reason deemed appropriate, without prior notice and with immediate effect. Psychora disclaims any liability arising from the closure of the account.

6. Publications and interactive areas
The user may not publish, upload or distribute on the site any content considerable abusive, illegal, or inappropriate, including defamatory, pornographic, obscene, threatening, violent, that could violate the personal data, privacy or other rights of the person as the right to personal dignity and social decorum, which contain hate speech, condoning terrorism, fascism or that may constitute incitement to criminal activities, which violate the rights of others, violating local, state or international laws, whether intentionally or unintentionally.
In the event that there is any breach of these terms the user is encouraged to inform Psychora through the support page or the dedicated links within posts. Psychora is not responsible for content posted by users or links to third party sites present in such content. Psychora exercises no preventive monitoring of the content\ posted on the site but reserves the right to proceed to the removal of content also following reports from persons who consider themselves aggrieved, of requests of the judicial Authority or if it considers these contents inappropriate when compared to the Site objectives or these terms or even if there is reasonable doubt as to the legality of such content. The interactive areas are designed solely for user’s personal use. Any unauthorized access or use of the interactive sections of the site and their content is forbidden. Psychora does not guarantee that the publications are free from errors, viruses or other considerable harmful components, or that they are correct, accurate or reliable.

7. Unlawful Activities
Psychora reserves the right to carry out investigations of complaints coming from users regarding violations of the terms and conditions of use, and to take all possible steps deemed necessary to the conduct of such investigation, including the possible involvement of police, regulatory entities, or other third parties, and to disclose to such third parties any information deemed necessary to carry out this defensive investigation, such as email addresses, published material, IP addresses, usage data and traffic information. Each user is then informed, in accordance with art. 13 of the Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 that their data may be disclosed to third parties for the defense of Psychora or of third parties and that for any such transfer of data is not necessary any consent, considering that exists the exempting defensive under Art. 24 of the Privacy Code. Psychora reserves the right to take legal actions in case of violation of these terms and conditions of use.

8. Disclaimer of Liability
Psychora disclaims any express or implied liability, as to the availability of content, interactive sections, of publications and of the website in general, including any liability for:
The salability, fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy, omissions, completeness, reliability of any content on the site; Possible disruptions of access to products or services; Information regarding third-party sites that have links on the site; Content or software modified by third parties without the express consent of Psychora.
At access to the site and during navigation and use of the site, the user declares to be aware that the services, content and software provided are subject to errors, delays, interruptions or losses, which may cause data corruption and loss of information for which Psychora does not guarantee recovery.
Psychora shall not be liable in any case for:
  • Direct or indirect, incidental or consequential damages derived from, or in connection with the use of the site, even if you received notification of the possibility of damage;
  • Each request connected in some way or the impossibility or failure by the customer in the action of search, or in carrying out properly and comprehensively such search;
  • Any decision made or action taken by the customer in relation to the content made available by / or through this site;
  • Any loss, injury or damage resulting following the use of the site, its content, its Publications and third-party communications present on it.
Psychora is not responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused by or presented in connection with the use or inability to use the site, the interactive areas, the content, or any third-party communications. You can contact Psychora at any time to obtain information relating to these terms and conditions of use, as well as information about the content, services, and information on the site, through the information provided on the support page.

9 Copyright
In respect of all intellectual works that the User uploads to Psychora the site, the same declares that he can legitimately have these rights and that as a result of the uploading on the site Psychora can also legitimately dispose of such rights:
  • because the User is the Author under RD 633/1941 and subsequent amendments and is therefore the owner of the copyrights and author’s moral rights and not having sold the copyrights exclusively to third parties, including the right to online publication of the work;
  • or because it is an intellectual work freely usable as are applicable the cases of free usability provided by the law in force for each type of intellectual work.
When uploading the intellectual work, the User must indicate whether it is a own work or others' work freely usable. In case it comes to an own intellectual work, the user sells to Psychora, free of charge all copyright rights without exception, such as, but not limited to, the rights to the dissemination of such work on the Psychora site, and the publication, translation, reproduction, transcription and distribution of the same on any type of computer, electronic, magnetic support or similar means including electronic devices of download, display, e.book and online distribution (eg. on the Psychora site) directly or through third parties or by any manner of publication such as, for example, via cable, satellite, slides, tapes, CDs, DVDs, or other forms and means that the development of technology will allow. Psychora reserves the right to transfer to third parties one or more of the acquired rights, in whole or in part, both in Italy and abroad. In case the User uploads others' intellectual work, he declares to have made all the research, also regarding current regulations, necessary to verify the free usability of the Work both by the user and by Psychora, taking into account the purposes of the Psychora site.

10 Indemnity
The User undertakes full and absolute responsibility in civil, administrative and criminal proceedings for any type of damage to people and / or things, which has occurred against Psychora and / or third parties as a result of user’s conduct while using the Psychora site (including the violation of another's copyright) as well as, any other liability for any other type of damage and prejudice that may arise in relation to the breach by the User of any provision of the applicable law including the rules on protection of personal data, the law for protection of copyright and the criminal law. Therefore, the User agrees to indemnify Psychora and hold it harmless against any prejudice, damage, loss, liability, costs, charges or expenses, including legal fees and in connection with any claim and / or request and / or action related to the breach by the User of any provision of applicable law.