Mon Oct 03 12:23:33 CEST 2016
Geographies of Psychoanalysis Psychora
The Geographies of Psychoanalysis group invites volunteer contributions of papers, articles and videos which can provide insight, perspectives and commentaries on Psychoanalysis around the world. Can psychoanalytical hypotheses have a universal value? Can they describe the same - or a similar - psychic dynamic for any human, regardless of the historical, social and cultural context? Can psychoanalysis help with mental suffering in different realities? In our times, the questions psychoanalysis has to face are very complex. The modern world is dominated by technology that subverts the perception of the body, by new families and group organisation and by global violence that enforce a changed geometry of the mind. The answers to these new situations differ from country to country regardless of the uniformity brought about by globalisation. Consequently, the responses and role of psychoanalysis changes across different nations.
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