Psychora is a platform dedicated to psychologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts interested in the spread of psychoanalytic culture.
It allows publishing, viewing and sharing of documents, articles, events, videos and images. Psychora is designed to create synergies among professionals and make information, documents and opinions easily accessible through a social network specifically dedicated to the psychoanalytic culture.
It also has a directory service for indexing certain information entered in Psychora to facilitate the search for the name and the related professional profile even by non-subscribers interested in contacting a qualified specialist that operates in a certain geographical area.
On Psychora the subscription and use of the social networking service is and will always be free. To register you must provide a mailing address not certified or a certified mail address which may receive non-certified mail. Only psychologists, psychotherapists and psychoanalysts or bodies, institutions and schools of psychotherapy can subscribe.
The display of their profile in the public directory is free of charge for the entire period of service promotion and, then, at activation for the first three months from the date of subscription. In any case, no charges will be required if not explicitly authorized by users who wish to maintain their presence active in the directory service.